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How to sideload apps on your iPhone using Xcode 7

Jun 2015

Apple just released the Xcode 7 Beta, and one of the new features is that anyone can now load apps onto their device without having to be a member of the developer program. I’m going to demonstrate how to do this using GBA4iOS.

  1. Download and install the Xcode 7 beta
  2. Open Xcode 7, open preferences and login to your Apple Account.
  3. Download the source code of the app you want to install and follow any setup instructions. (sudo gem install cocoapods; git clone; cd gba4ios; pod install for GBA4iOS). Open the workspace or project in Xcode.
  4. Plug in your iPhone and select it as the build destination.
  5. We now need to generate a code signing signature for the app. Click on the project on the left, fill in a unique “Bundle Identifier” and click on “Fix Issue” (make sure your name is selected as “team”)
  6. Click the play button in the top left. If there’s no build errors the app should now launch on your phone!

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Q: Will I need to install the iOS 9 beta/OSX El Capitan?

A: Nope, this will work on any iOS/OSX version.

Q: I’m getting this error message:

A: You will need to try a different Apple ID because of a bug.

Q: I’m getting and error containing 'GCControllerPlayerIndex' with an rvalue of type 'int' while trying to compile GBA4iOS

A: Change line 546 in GBA4iOS/ to [controller setPlayerIndex:GCControllerPlayerIndex1];

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